Credit - information
bureau of Tajikistan

13 Bukhoro street, apt 12, Dushanbe
telephone icon(+992) 44 625-69-69

Our Commitment

  • Accuracy information and integrity
  • Best Practices and standards in handling of information
  • Customer oriented services
  • Credibility in our operations
  • Wider access to credit across the country
  • Promoting the public to strive for good credit reputation

Our Vision

  • "Building a customer - friendly reservoir of credit information"

Who We Are 

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Credit - information bureau of Tajikistan (CIBT) is a private credit bureau licensed by the Central Bank of Tajikistan to provide services in issuing of credit reports... Read more

What We Do 

Collect and collate, credit and financial information on borrowers and prospective borrowers of lending institutions;
Undertake research and training projects for shareholder lending institutions;
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Main Partner 

Our official Partner - company CRIF. More than 3,300 banks and financial institutions around the world use the services CRIF.

Our Services 

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We know our business!

Our range of integrated solutions, carefully-developed for many years, helping our customers to make reasonable decisions at each stage. In order to preserve the image of a credit Bureau, we strive to apply the best available technologies and processes in our activities.

Our team is committed to offer these advanced solutions and services for all clients trying to remain always the first.


Latest News 

CIBT - The TECHNOLOGY, which provides excellent availability of information...

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