Why is financial literacy necessary? A person with any income level needs to learn how to manage their personal finances and to use them most effectively. In this case we are talking about sound financial planning, which involves defining financial goals, prioritizing them, assessing the likelihood of their achievement, and only then the selection of methods or specific steps in a given direction. Only at this stage you will be able to, independently or with the help of a financial adviser, begin the selection of specific financial products that meet your goals. Unfortunately, in practice, there are often people who start from the final stage of personal financial planning: choosing the most profitable from their point of view "investment" without thinking about their long-term goals and not having developed their own investment strategy, which ultimately led to financial losses.

    The official commencement ceremony for the implementation of the Financial Literacy Program in Tajikistan took place on February 19th in Dushanbe. This Program is implemented in the Republic by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) with the support of the Government of Switzerland (SECO) and in partnership with some local financial institutions.
    At the ceremony, an official presentation with training and marketing materials was held in order to improve financial literacy of partner financial institutions to begin the practical implementation of the Program in the country. It is also planned to show videos, a theatrical production based on a radio program script, and to present a set of marketing materials.

    The CIBT is also an active participant in this program and is interested in the financial literacy of the population of the Republic of Tajikistan regardless of age, because the earlier a person begins to think and understand how to rationally spend their income, the easier it will be for them to plan their own budget in the future.
    Currently, the CIBT takes part in the development of educational materials, video clips, news articles, and works closely with local financial institutions in reporting.

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