Credit - information bureau of Tajikistan (CIBT) is a world class Credit Bureau specialized in credit information systems and credit management solutions, CIBT provides banks and financial institutions qualified support in every phase of the customer relationship. Thanks to a list of products CIBT can supports clients in client’s acquisition, portfolio management and collection.

CIBT is a shareholding company, made up of major local banks, microfinance institutions and CRIF S.p.A (Italy).

CIBT’s Data Base contains more than two millions of subjects among individuals, sole traders and companies. This is thanks to the cooperation between 94 partners coming from all regions of the country. CIBT using an advanced security technology as Microsoft, Checkpoint Inc, Symantec, Cisco and SSL certificates from famous vendors of security policy.

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Startup Year

The Law on Credit Histories was adopted. The first Credit Information Bureau of Tajikistan (CIBT) was registered as a commercial entity and initially had 12 local FIs.

2009 2010

Database grew

2015 was a crucial year in terms of volumes, as a matter of fact queries grew by 70%. As a result, the database also grew and reached 874.000 queries. Tajikistan received 7 out of 8 possible points in the World Bank’s “Doing Business” indicator. More than 90% of market information covered by the Credit - Information bureau of Tajikistan.


Establishment of the Association of Credit Information Providers

In January of 2018th, amendments to the Law of the Republic of Tajikistan “On Credit Histories” entered into force. The main significant change can be considered that, henceforth, data on borrowers can be provided without their permission, only their notification is sufficient.

In April was established the Association of Credit Information Providers, which included Credit Information Bureaus of Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine. This can still be considered the next one of the next achievements of the CIBT.


Acquisition of the License

Selection of a global company CRIF (specializing in the development and management of credit reporting) as a strategic and technical partner, with a 49% stake.
The National Bank of Tajikistan issued a license to CIBT.

2011 2012

More Partners & New product

On Januaruy 2017 the number of active partners Credit information Bureau of Tajikistan (CIBT) reached 86 participants.
On 2017 CIBT has expanded its range of products by placing on the market a new monitoring tool (which allows Banks and Financial Institutes to easily keep monitored their client’s portfolio) and a new scoring model implemented on Tajikistan data.


New product launch

The official launch of the CLARA product (Cash-flow linked Agriculture Risk Assessment tool) was also carried out. This expert system allows assessing the risks of lending to agricultural borrowers using accurate modeling of the projected cash flow of farms.

The CIBT database has significantly increased, by the end of the year the number of subjects was about 2.7 million, the number of contracts 2.3 million. Amount of partners is 92 organizations.

Financial indicators for 2018 are the highest in the history of the company.


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